Bull’s Blood


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Devante Valéreo was raised in a dusty Spanish village on the Balearic Sea. He fondly recalled going to the bullfights with his father, an ex-picador, and credited those early experiences with inspiring his most popular novella, Bull’s Blood. The book’s lurid tale of seduction garnered obscenity charges against the author. Though the charges were rejected by the court, a ban on the sale of his works persisted for a number of years.

A fixture in Barcelona, smoking cigarillos and writing in the cafés and bars into the night, Valéreo disappeared as a fugitive in 1967 after a highly publicized bar scuffle with American sailors, one of whom later died from his injuries. “A man who has killed,” he wrote in Bull’s Blood, “is a man who knows passion.”

WHEN TO WEAR THIS FRAGRANCE: This is a powerful scent for someone who knows what they want. Bull’s Blood is for those nights when you want to take the bull by the horns.


  1. Amber Rennert

    I have not received this scent yet, but I’m excited to try it. I literally placed my order two minutes ago for a short story collection and wanted only to share my feedback on your website.

    In short, it sucks. I am a sucker for new fragrances, so I visited about a month ago and became intrigued. Things must have shifted since then because all the fragrances I thought I was interested in based on their descriptions, which ALL included fragrance notes and accords, have been reimagined with some bourgeois poem and how I’m supposed to feel about the scent when I wear it.

    Personally, I would have preferred to have made an informed decision on what fragrances I wanted based on a listing of their notes, instead of having to guess what I wanted from what I remember from my last visit and some crappy, thickly over-worded muck. Please change? Thanks.

  2. admin

    Amber, haha! we couldn’t agree more. You’re right… Our site totally crashed and we’re left with a shell of our old one with no note lists…

    We’re updating entirely! Check back in a couple weeks for more muck and real note lists.


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